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TO..Our Country Home!

We are very happy
You came to see us..

Here you will learn alittle about
Myself-(Shannon) and my family!

I hope you enjoy your visit!
Please sign our book before you
leave so we can visit You!


A True Friend Warms You
By Her Presence..
Trust You With Her Secrets..
And Remembers You
In Her Prayers!

~You Shannon Are A True Friend~
Thank You!

My husband Tim and I
Have 3 children..
Timmy age 8
Justin age 7
and our newest addition is
Kaitlyn born..July 28,1998
These kids mean the world
To us..We take great pride in parenting!

We live in the country in Missouri

Which we enjoy very much
The boys go to a little country school
It is pre-k thru 8th grade
the classes are combined 1st and 2nd graders
3rd and 4th graders and so on..
I'm on the school board and
VERY active in the my childrens
education !!

I have one brother and one sister
Along with my parents live in
Same town as us...
I have to add that we are a very close
Family and I love them all alot

Please take a minute to say hello..

~*~*Please feel free to e-mail us*~*~

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friend Shannon on Oct.10,1998 by..GINA*