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Come have a look around!

We are so happy you came to see
Weav's Place Halloween Page!

Meagan has a great time on Halloween!
Of course Christmas is her #1 holiday *S*

But she loves to dress up.So she has a
Great time on Halloween!She has put her
Order in to be a witch this year!
LOL..A Good witch of course!


Carve A Pumkin
Shoot Out BOO
Play A Treat Or Two..
Be Safe And Have Fun In Whatever You Do!

HEY! MOTW kids
Here is a treat for you!
The next page has another one for you!

We have made a couple pages so please ..Take a look!

I adopted these candy corn pals from..

I got some graphics here..

LOOK! -----> Trick-or-Treaters have been here