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This is a baby book for DEED
With lots of love ...From,MOTW

Deed and husband Benny are expecting their first baby Together
November 30,1998 ..
Doc says it will be a BOY!
The couple are thinking they will
name him Philip Seth
And in case the Doc is wrong*S*
They have picked Zoe Elise for a girl!

Deed has one son, Michael who is 4 and Benny has twin son's Jeremy and Jordan who are 7..

Deed is a stay at home mom (lucky her).. She enjoys making web pages..
which she is very good at! Collecting pictures and making photo albums..
She likes spending time with friends and making New ones *S*
She loves spending time with her family...They are a Christian family
Who really loves the lord and family-life!!

We wish you God's brightest blessings
For your baby and you...
And Love your whole lives through!!

We adopted this cute little bear for the new baby! *S*

Deed at 7 months...
You Look So Cute!! :-)

"A Mother Holds Her Babys Hand For
A While But Holds Their Heart Forever!"

Come see more picture's of baby Seth!
Just click on his picture!

Safety Pins and Happy Grins,
Booties,Bibs and Toys,
Lullabies and Sparkling Eyes,
A Million Brand-New Joys!...

What a world of love is ahead for you and your new little
"Someone Sweet"

You are a very special person Deed !!
All of us in MOTW wish you and your family
All the happiness the world can bring!...

Lets have some fun ... Try to guess when Deed will have her baby ..and the babys weight!

A award will be given to the one who guesses the date and one to who guesses the weight!
Closest to anyway!*BS*
SO if you have already signed the book but didn't guess please e-mail DEED!


Sign the book and tell Deed your guess! *BS*

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