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I guess if you are here you
would like to know
more about me :-)

I'm "the baby" of 6 six kids!!
Three girls and three boys..
YEAH the Brady Bunch..LOL
We are a very close family..
And i wouldn't want it
any other way..
I was born in Peoria Il.
I lived there for about 16 years
My brothers still live in Peoria
about 3 hours from me
So i don't get to see them
as much as i would like to

I have lived in Quincy Il. about 13 years

For the most part i'm a pretty easy
going, speak my mind,
treat people as i would like to
be treated kind of girl!

I enjoy going to concerts of all kinds
I have been to see
everyone from Metallica to Garth Brooks...

I love the Dallas Cowboys..
OK maybe i love Troy Aikman..*BS*
I have a Cowboys page i hope you
have time to visit It has
alot of Troy pic's and some really
great links!!

I'm a big Chicago BULLS! fan also
Michael Jordan is just awesome!

AND WELL.... yes i'm a CUB fan too!
They are doing really good this year Finally!!

Meagan and I go camping alot...
We go to a place in the middle
of no where *S* That my family owns..
All the family members
from brothers and sisters
to 3rd and 4th cousins go
We have the BEST time!!
We are really into riding 6 wheelers
now and we have a blast on them!

Well... You had to know this was coming!
I love this computer!*BS*
I have only had mine about 7 months
but i really enjoy it!
And i'm still learning so bear
with me on these pages!

I love to laugh...
I try real hard not to get caught up in the
"little" things life hands out!

Well get going cause theres alot more to see ;-)